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Iowa City Standard

Got questions? Need information? Let me know what you want to know about basic bridge systems & conventions and we will put here.

   CONVENTIONS AND TREATMENTS - List updated 8/21/17 new in red

Control Responses to 2C added 8/20/17 updated 8/25                        Kokish added 8/20/17 updated 8/25

Smith Signal added 8/20/17

Drury added 8/28/17                                                                        Two Way Drury added 8/21/17

Splinters added 8/21/17

Unusual vs Unusual added 8/21/17

1m - 1M; 2M checkback added 8/21/17

Invational Jump Shifts added 8/25/17

New Minor Forcing added 8/28/17                                                   Two Way New Minor Forcing added 8/28/17                                        XYZ added 8/28/17

Minor Suit Slam Try after strong 2NT bid added 8/28/17

Transfers after 2NT rebid added 8/28/17

Blackwood 6 card RKC added 12/29/17